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Kreiga Hydro Tabs (x24, one flavor)

A revolutionary effervescent electrolyte/energy tablet from the USA – turns ordinary tap water into a performance drink. Individual tablets are wrapped in water/air tight foil packages and are easy to add to your hydration pack wherever you’re riding. Once dissolved there is no sediment or residual settling that is common with other sports drinks. As dissolution is thorough and complete, reservoir cleaning is quick and easy. Motor Tabs replace vital fluids that are lost during physical activity or illness. Motor Tabs relies on an optimum ratio of sodium/potassium and a unique blend of three energy sources (dextrose, sucrose, maltodextrin), providing a well-balanced array of ingredients. Motor Tabs restores electrolyte balance and provides a solid energy profile to help maintain peak performance throughout training or racing. Each tablet delivers 250 mg of sodium, 75 mg of potassium, 16 grams of carbohydrate and 65 calories. The bottom line is that if you sweat - it works!

Hydro Tabs (x24, one flavor)

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Hydro Tabs (x24, one flavor)
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